Friday, 22 January 2010

If you're looking for reasoned debate, then why don't you f*ck off elsewhere, ok? Or I'll chase you down the street with a cricket bat.

Quiet. Let the man speak:

"Ever since the pernicious 'yuman rites' act was passed into law, the British authorities seem to believe they have a moral and legal obligation to feed and water the world's waifs and strays, however undesirable."
Littlejohn, R. 18 Jan 2010

Profound indeed.

D'ya geddit - "yuman rites". It's like a play on words. About human rights being sh*t and stuff!

And with his unparalleled flair for subtlety he compares asylum seekers / economic migrants (whatever - they're all the same) to dogs. Hilarious!

Disclaimer: I'm not implying Littlejohn is racist. I'm TELLING you he is. (Well ok, he's not racist. But let's just say if he attended a dinner party with the BNP leadership, Nick Griffin might ask him to leave for being a bit too extreme.)