Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Boris on ash.

I could have opted for Theresa Villiers for giving the most desperate sounding volcano-related attack on the government.

However, just for sheer audicity / absurdity, I'm going to give the award to our beloved Mayor, as reported in the Telegraph.

One sentence is all it takes:

"Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, questioned the science behind the lockdown."

Misprint: I think that was supposed to say "Mayor of London and renowned aviation expert".

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Jamie said...

Brilliant. Our beloved major can put his foot in it. Often his manner is hilarious in its primitiveness but other times he can come across downright irritating (who can forget his antics at the Olympics handover in China?). In this instance he is way off base - as you have rightly pointed out, i don't remember seeing any aeronautical engineering degress on boris' cv).