Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Boris: Voting on the basis of race to fight voting on the basis of race.

So Boris has endorsed Obama, to the disgust of many of his fellow right-wingers.

Over to Boris:

“If Obama wins, then the United States will have at last come a huge and maybe decisive step closer to achieving the dream of Martin Luther King, of a land where people are judged not on the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

I can’t argue with that. He has a point. If he wins it will indeed be a huge step… wait… what did you just say Boris?

“And then there are millions of white Americans who will undoubtedly vote Obama precisely because he is black.”

So let me get this right: Boris is telling us that there are millions of white people who will vote for him BECAUSE of the colour of his skin, which will be a step closer to a land where you are NOT judged by the colour of your skin.


Regardless, deciding that one of the reasons you are voting for someone is because they are black is surely not the best approach. It certainly shouldn’t be seen as qualifying someone to run a country. It’s like voting for someone on the basis that they are funny, right Boris?

On a side note, he also says:

“If Barack Hussein Obama is successful next month, then we could even see the beginning of the end of race-based politics, with all the grievance-culture and special interest groups and political correctness that come with it.”

Special interest groups? Political correctness? What could he be referring to? Let’s refer to what his PR man said back in June:

“And over the changes to the Rise festival, the heartbreaking news for the London Left is that beyond the usual suspect participants, such as National Assembly Against Racism (secretary: Lee Jasper) and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (what were they doing at an anti-racist event, by the way?) no ordinary Londoner, black or white, gives a damn. Rise-type events had a purpose in the Eighties, when antiracism needed to be made fashionable. But that battle won, it is not nowadays clear how a bunch of overwhelmingly white people going to a pop concert advances any cause beyond the participants' own feeling of righteousness.”

He’s also one step ahead of you Boris. Forget the “beginning of the end”. As you can see, Gilligan told us the battle has been won already. And Richard Barnbrook is proof of that.

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Obanal. said...

Yes, fantastic to see all this clarity now on what politicians stand for, with Boris in and Ken out. No more pandering to small insiduous 'marginal' groups, as the 'says his mind' and knows what he wants Boris is in. He knows what he wants - anything that is popular, regardless of whether it's based in well-proportioned expression, regardless of whether he has balanced the implications of coming out in favor of the thing his statement supports, regardless of it having about as much balanced ration as a Prince Charlie solution to sustainable development. I think I want Obama in but ain't it funny and worth mentioning he's being voted in because he is black (even McCain has left this aside). Humor is a fine way to laugh at the inevitably of something because of a reason you think shouldn't have played a part/a factor you think so amusingly out of place that you suggest to people 'with your humor' to change their decision or reflect a little more. But on such a serious subject? I support people voting to go to war to secure regime change in Iraq but I also think people in Iraq want regime change just so they can kill each other.